Trading anew, creating a second life to mature assets

We try to look at the future of trade from an exceptionally broad perspective. At each location and in each case, to detect other important aspects. Those that build our clients’ and our partners’ business, perhaps sometimes helping to reinvent it, and in the long-term, allowing us to focus on newer perspectives. They are always a response to the expectation of diversity, new inspirations and even more interesting shopping experiences.

Throughout our work, we attach significant importance to carefully listening to our clients. Each day we also focus on improving our 360 degres services, by giving our clients more than what they initially expect - a comprehensive understanding of the newer  business environment, smart recommendations and strategies that are not just for today or tomorrow, but for years into the future.

We do this in terms of:

developing comprehensive strategies for planning the repositioning & newer tenant mix of mature facilities

consulting in modernization, expansion and repositioning of existing facilities

providing support with regard to expansion into fresh markets

advising on real estate reorganization of retail chains

providing support solutions addressed to franchisees or business partners

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