The real estate investment market inspires us to create strategies and solutions that meet the needs of modern investors. Both experienced and those who are just taking their first steps. We work based on the proprietary SIMS approach, which allows us to look at real estate more broadly, to go beyond the scope of comprehensive real estate, economic and financial. In addition, to take into account other strategic contexts resulting from social change, communication, digitization and culture. For this you truly need substantive knowledge, experience and the ability to combine hard and soft skills in the right proportion. Thanks to this, we can work based on:

- a priority of building the value of both entire portfolios and individual properties

- holistic analyses of the market environment

- solid assessments of real estate potential in mapping out and implementing coherent business strategies

- responsible actions towards investors, the principles of sustainable development and the environment, but above all, people



Based on our knowledge and experience, we assist our clients to comprehensively build and develop their investment strategies. We do everything, so that they can rely on our analyses, conclusions and recommendations each and every day. We want the high quality of service to help not only to achieve business success, but also to gain trust. Therefore, when working with investors, our priorities are:

- broad transactional support in obtaining financing - representation in the processes of purchase and sale of commercial and industrial real estate

- consultancy in the field of debt financing (construction financing, mortgage loans, structured financing)

- support in restructuring

- advice on, among others: structured finance leases, syndication of structured credit products, structuring and syndication of sales and leaseback - advice on restructuring

- consulting in the field of repositioning and asset management through vertical integration with local BNP Paribas Real Estate offices