Starting at the beginning of December, Małgorzata Fibakiewicz will lead the Office Agency, and Justyna Magrzyk-Flemming will become the Head of Business Services. The designations result from the company strategy reliant on rapid and flexible adjustment to the customer’s needs, using company’s internal successful leaders.

Małgorzata Fibakiewicz is one of the most experienced managers in BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland. In 10-year tenure at the company, she successfully grew and built departments that support customers in terms of offices, portfolio management, and real estate investments, as well as in strategic advice and “tailor-made” projects for various customers representing diverse market sectors. Recently, she has been strengthening the position of BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland by leading a team responsible for integrated advice and recommendations developed for all business lines, based on research, data and trend analysis. She has also been responsible for introducing digitalisation into the data and analysis field. Starting at the beginning of December, Małgorzata Fibakiewicz will take over as the Head of the Office Space Leasing Department, using her experience, competences, and promising synergies of actions across the company and the entire Group.

– Some changes within the company’s structure and organisation are aimed at increasing our readiness for more difficult and demanding times. Małgorzata and Justyna's knowledge, competence, and experience will enable us not only to maintain and develop the high standard of services we offer, but also to look to the future with a bold and fresh outlook – stated Erik Drukker, CEO of BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland.

On 1 December, Justyna Magrzyk-Flemming will assume the new role of Head of Business Services. In 2018, she started her adventure at BNP Paribas Real Estate in the Marketing department, and in a short period of time she developed the Design Hub, which serves as an in-house graphic design studio used by BNP Group companies from 8 countries in Western Europe, as well as the company's customers. Now, she will also provide oversight of the Business Intelligence Hub and Consultancy Team, which is responsible for providing market reports as well as specialised studies on behalf of the company's clients, such as feasibility studies or High & Best Use analyses.