You don't need magic to win and achieve goals. All it takes is a lot of hard work,  real teamwork & trends anticipation. One that is the most experienced, well-coordinated and not afraid of new challenges. In just such a team we play at BNP Paribas Real Estate, thoroughly analysing the needs of our clients and their retail brands, looking for the best insights that will translate into positive strategic decisions. This will drive development, re-development help brands build the expected image and credibility levels. For that to be the case, the following are key for the Retail Advisory Department team:

- a innovative tenant representation for both expansion or optimization

- support for market entrants (leasehold & freehold))

- strategic consulting in the field of transformation & reorganization of retail chains real estate

- consulting and implementation of Real estate strategies in the field of mergers and acquisitions

- business projects addressed to business partners and franchisees


First of all, we speak the same language with all of our business partners on their behalf - the language of commerce. It creates a common ground where solid and durable solutions can be properly developed. Those that support specific business goals, and over time become a powerful showcase and a hallmark for many companies, brands or retail chains.

Using our proprietary SIMS approach, engaging experts with different knowledge bases and experience, and thus looking at a project from different points of view, we offer our clients:

- many years of knowledge and transformation of all the segments of retail stock

- effective support in negotiation processes, with a perfect understanding of the importance of optimizing occupancy costs

- comprehensive assistance in introducing brands to new markets

- advice on creating optimal commercial programming & concepts

- evaluation and consulting on the range of offer for specific local markets

- knowledge of local realities that guarantees receiving rents at an appropriate level