A broad view and based on our SIMS approach are fundamental values in line with which we provide comprehensive consultancy in the field of office space. Thanks to them, we generate real value for our clients, strengthen their position on the market, and provide support at every stage of the process. We operate based on:

- a systematic, transparent and predictable transaction process

- a thorough analysis of many internal and external factors, including the wider understood market environment

- developing a coherent strategy that is focused on the implementation of all the customers and partners objectives

- a consultative approach in all negotiation processes, including, amongst others: purchase of office space, extension of lease agreements, early contract termination, activities designed for expansion, office optimization, as well as subleases where necessary


Strategic management of all real estate-related processes is just as important to us as a broader outlook and the skilful combination of various competences and experiences of BNP Paribas Real Estate experts. By supporting our tenants through our work, we are focused on:

- help in identifying and protecting all the interests of our clients and partners

- implementing solutions that bring quick results

- effective negotiations that take into account the expectations and capabilities of all parties

- supporting decision-making processes through the use of analytics, market intelligence and our experts experience