8 pillars

  1. New blueprints

    A whole host of spaces need to be re-invented. To be more flexible, to adapt to new ways of working and utilising them. A strong focus on mobility, ecology and a completely digital approach.

  2. Data harvesting

    Today’s buildings are data sources; about employees, ways of working, resource usage and the ways in which various spaces operate. We know how to collect data and analyse it, so that the places are better, more functional and friendly.

  3. New-tech

    Understanding and the skilful use of new technologies translates into attentiveness to detail for a better quality of work, efficiency, comfort and safety. It is responding to the challenges of everyday life.

  4. Well-being

    A holistic approach that allows one to plan, create and manage spaces that care for people. Stimulating development, acquiring knowledge and new skills, attracting the attention of talent and, as a result, integrating work into everyday life.

  5. Caring for the environment

    Biophilia and the stronger than ever need to live in harmony with the environment, means in real estate caring for the better use of all resources, alternative energy sources, data analysis and paying attention to the quality of air, light and greenery in the environment.

  6. Urban multitasking

    Spaces and real estate must be multi-functional and ready to make a change. Understanding how to be a good office, apartment, studio, restaurant, cinema or gym all at once. Being rich in amenities and taking care of the development of different communities all at the same time.

  7. New trading

    It is a combination of many aspects; reinvented traditional shops, well-known and loved shopping experiences, and an ever speeding digital world of brands and products.

  8. Logistics of the new economy

    This is a new paradigm for the efficient functioning of logistics of the future, based on modern, robotic, thinking and learning warehouses. Those that can adapt to new mega-trends, to automation, big data, drones or autonomous vehicles, while keeping sustainable development in mind.