MegaGroup Trade Holding BV, holding organisation for European companies dealing in water technics -among which Bevo in Poland-, has signed a lease agreement with MLP Group to lease 23,000 sqm of warehouse and office space at the MLP Poznan West Logistics Park. MegaGroup will establish a second distribution centre there to supply customers in Poland and surrounding countries. BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland has supported MegaGroup in finding the right sustainable location, selecting lessors and carrying out negotiations. The DC is now being built, will be ready in November and operational in Q1 2023.

About MegaGroup

MegaGroup is the holding organisation for ten sales offices across Europe dealing in water transport solutions and have the mission to make water solutions accessible to improve the lives of people. One of these sales offices is Bevo in Poznan. The local sales offices service professional customers in different water technics markets including pool, irrigation, water treatment, geo and livestock. At least 16,000 different products among which pipes, couplings, hoses, filters and pumps are stocked in the European Distribution Centre in Holland from where more than 20,000 customers are delivered all over the world. As part of MegaGroup, the sales offices profit from the purchasing power, knowledge and experience of the group and use this to support their customers in the best way possible.

Insufficient warehouse capacity because of growth

Currently, all customers throughout Europe and abroad are serviced from the European Distribution Centre in Veghel, the Netherlands, and the Polish customers from the local warehouse in Poznan. As MegaGroup's business has grown considerably in recent years, especially online, and the strategy is to continue this in the coming years, the current warehouse capacity is insufficient. Therefore, a study was carried out resulting in a plan for multiple DC’s, which was the basis for establishing a new DC in Poznan.

- Bevo is a company with an established position with and a  very ambitious development strategy in the region. One of the pillars of its expansion is thoroughly thought-out and well-planned logistics, which is why Bevo carefully selects the locations of its distribution centers. We are glad that we were able to comprehensively advise the company in finding the new location as well as in leasing process for the MLP Poznań West complex, which will certainly make a good ground for development in the coming years. Especially that this is an interesting time for the warehouse, logistics and industrial market which is looking for a new balance, and decisions made in the field of logistics are and will be key to the success of many business projects. – comments Wojciech Nowicki, Director, Industrial and Logistics Department, BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland.

- The task we have been given was not easy, but we worked with professionals with great business experience and positive attitude towards delivering the objectives. The project exceeded the simple search process significantly and meeting the business targets was as much important  as delivering the ESG objectives. It is great to see that we met all the requirements as such complex projects are a source of great satisfaction once they are implemented and developed.Igor Roguski, Head of Corporate Clients Industrial & Logistics, BNP Paribas Real Estate Spain

MLP Poznan West Logistics Park perfect location

- We were very satisfied with the central location of Poznan, but we could not expand our current warehouse there. So, we started to look for a new warehouse where we can realise the growth plans from our strategy. The search was not easy: because of our wide and diverse product range we had special requirements. But we found exactly what we were looking for in the MLP Poznan West logistics park: 22,000 sqm of warehouse space with the latest technology near the S11 expressway. Its prime location makes the centre attractive to supply our products to customers across Poland and surrounding countries. BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland was a great help in searching for the right location, selecting lessors and carrying out negotiations. This resulted in MegaGroup signing the contract with MLP in July. - CEO MegaGroup, Bernard Verburg

Sustainable DC

MLP and MegaGroup are also a great match in their sustainable strategy. MegaGroup, dealing in the water business, is very keen on making water accessible for everyone, developing water and energy saving products and having an active sustainable policy. The new DC will feature an array of advanced solutions. A photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof. The warehouse and office building will be heated using a VRV system with heat pumps. Energy-efficient LED lamps will be used for interior lighting. At the same time, the management of the building and the monitoring of the facility systems will be carried out using the Asset Information Model based on BIM methodology. This technology is used to enhance operational processes through integration with Building Management Systems (BMS). This new DC helps MegaGroup supply customers in a sustainable way. Customers in and around Poland will be supplied from the new DC in Poznan, which also reduces logistics and carbon footprint.

More efficient logistics

The new DC in Poznan not only has big advantages for the environment. Also, customers in Poland and surrounding countries will profit from a wider range of products in stock and faster deliveries. For MegaGroup it means a big improvement in the distribution system and more efficient logistics.