A good manager is someone who, in the right proportions, combines hard and soft skills on many different levels of activity. Working in accordance with our SIMS approach, we follow the principle of flexibility; we go beyond the familiar patterns, we listen to others, and in our daily commitments we know exactly how to combine the various competences and experiences that are necessary. We operate based on:

- a priority for value building for both entire portfolios and individual properties

- comprehensive analyses of the business framework, the environment and real estate potential in setting out and implementing coherent business strategies

- the ability to create a good environment for people and business development in the buildings we manage

- responsible actions towards investors, the principles of sustainable development and the environment. Above all, people


Using the sum of our experience and our strong market position, we take care of commercial and mixed-use real estate, office buildings, as well as logistics and warehouse facilities. Each of them is different, so we look at each from a different perspective. However, what connects our activities is a comprehensive support and utmost care of the highest quality at every stage of the process. Working closely with owners and developers, we take care of:

- property and facility management

- creating and managing relationships with tenants

- strategic consulting in the field of cost optimization related to real estate management

- administration and ongoing supervision of buildings

- supervision of the overall technical condition

- coordination, cooperation with specialized service teams

- management of short and long-term lease contracts

- development of a rental strategy and representation of landlords

- marketing, communication and image direction of the property

- due diligence analyses

- legal support

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