We know that today's logistics is adapted to both the global and local world at the same time. For many companies whose activities are based on the use of warehousing and logistics space, this perspective means that they must be able to look at their decisions in a much wider context. They should take into account not only the location, costs and quality-standards of the space on offer, but also strengthening one’s logistics chain, the demand for employees or how best to utilize a growing infrastructure.

We advise on how to develop various projects and build a portfolio of solutions based on well-planned, contemporary and sustainable logistics. How to win in new markets. We base our recommendations on:

- an analytical approach and understanding of the differences between various offers under consideration

- assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed solutions and strategies for renting or purchasing warehouse, logistics and BTS properties

- specialization and knowledge of the specifics of various regional markets



Primarily, we are a partner for all the companies we advise. Both those with a strong, established position, as well as those who are just taking their first steps. In practice, this means that in our daily work we deal with both modest and large transactions. However, always with the goal of finding solutions that answer a specific business challenge. Anticipating future needs and a holistic approach to the entire process, resulting from our proprietary SIMS approach, are a key importance for us. Thanks to this, we prove ourselves in:

- providing advice on finding a suitable warehouse, production or logistics location

- delivering support in negotiating or renegotiating contracts

- structuring transactions related to lease agreements

- optimization of logistic service costs